Kenyan community stands with Qui as she fights Hodgkin’s Lymphoma


By Mukurima Muriuki

The thought today of a 28 year old woman renders the image of a career, developing relationships, perhaps nights out with friends, or trips around the world. To be in the prime of your life and have the world at your fingertips and in a fleeting moment it can be all ripped from under your feet, thrusting the reality that life does not fairly choose who faces challenge.  And many would take a challenge and find defeat, feeling the weight to be too much, but for Loise Wangui Waweru, life’s turns have only made her spirit stronger.

Born in Kenya and affectionately known as Qui by her friends, as a young successful Project Manager at an events management company life could not be any better for a 28 year old female.  That is until one day when Qui woke up with an unusually large swelling on her neck.  Assuming it was from overtime or a bad night’s rest Qui continued on with her week and worked with the same dedication as if nothing was wrong.  Qui routinely puts in overtime on her own accord, a thorough employee, her resilient and charismatic persona allow her to excel with any task thrown her way and a persona that will carry her far as she seeks to pursue a Masters in strategic management.  A dream the community is working for her to achieve, with a little help from you.

The swelling on her neck worsened and Qui’s health began to falter to the point where she finally visited a clinic and received the shocking diagnosis of Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, a type of blood cancer that targets the immune system and white blood cells.  Qui received the diagnosis in January 2015 and after several rounds of treatment thought the cancerous cells had been eradicated until four months ago when the cancer returned again in full force.  While she remains the same charming woman with an ever optimistic hope, the next step for treatment is a rigorous Second Line Chemotherapy followed by a Stem Cell Transplant.

The entire remaining amount needed for the procedure is $61,000; there are no more treatment options and she needs this and community support now more than ever.  To the woman who has stayed truly beautiful and energetic that doctors have to ask us who the actual patient is, please help her on her journey.  There is more she needs to do, travel the world, eat bizarre foods, laugh with her friends and family, and fall in love.  As Qui continues to go through the emotionally and physically draining process, please help our shining star in any way you can.  She currently awaits treatment in India and no amount is too small to donate to one of the bravest women our community is blessed to know.

Donations can be made through the following channels:

  • Milka Gikunju @ Bank of America

Routing number – 053904483, Account number – 223021970174

  • The Cash App

Number – +1(205) 396 – 7710 for #nodullmoments

  • Go Fund Me

  • M-Changa

With all of the hardship in this world, let us do something good, help our community member, our friend, our sister, our person.  Through this struggle, Qui’s beauty continues to blossom and her spirit strengthens all those around her.

Help us work to the cure for our dear Qui and provide the first steps for her to achieve everything in this life and more.