Zak is back home from a prison in Ethiopia, in a coffin. Kenyan government betrayed him


Imagine a day your father or let us say you as a parent took up a job in a not so distant country, like Ethiopia. There is a joy that comes in landing a dream job, aware that the return on the investment made in education is finally paying off-handsomely to say the least. You are now a global citizen where you skills are not only in demand in Kenya, but across border, yonder.

Now imagine you have left your kids at home and your dear wife and as you take the flight to Ethiopia that family you are leaving behind makes you determined and spirited to give your all in your new job. You will be sending money back home. You are a Kenyan in Diaspora.

But all those are dreams. At least for Zak, a Kenyan engineer..

To know what happened to Zak, read this Facebook post by Sam Gichuru

“As most of you know, we have been seething with anger the last couple of days, for those who don’t know why… this is why.

This guy in blue is Zak, he is a Kenyan engineer, a good techie, an amazing Dad and a very nice guy.

He was assigned by his company a job in Ethiopia, He arrived on 9th Jan 2015, he was arrested on 10th, the next day for by the Ethiopian Govt and accused of “telecommunication fraud”, Zak had barely worked since he had just landed. No evidence was ever presented against him.

The Employer and Friends tried to get in-touch with the Kenyan Ambassador to Ethiopia Mrs Catherine Mwangi and she was nowhere to be found for close to 2 years, Ministry of Foreign Affairs said “Ethiopia is a difficult country”, Ministry of ICT… oh well.

Zack is back home from prison, after 20 months, in a coffin. He died in an Ethiopian Jail… and we could do nothing about it.”