Estimated 40 Kenyans killed as tanker loses control and plows into 11 vehicles


As many as 39 people are reported to have been died in Naivasha, Kenya, and the number could rise, after a tanker carrying inflammable material lost control and plowed into other vehicles near Karai on the busy Nairobi-Naivasha Highway

The picture being painted by eye witnesses is one of a grisly scene, cars burning with an acrid smell of people trapped inside, and burnt to ashes. Eye witness Gidraph Mwangi spoke to this website and narrated the following:

” I left Nax for Ruiru at 5:30pm. Did my business and by 10pm I was at Limuru. I then got a call from my mom that there’s a terrible accident in Naivasha…On reaching the scene I noticed the tanker was carrying  a chemical involved in the mattress production process…I’ve watched bodies burn in cars…Red Cross personnel were at the scene and it is sad 3 military officers were also reported dead. Most people were burnt to ash. I’ve not seen anything like that before. It’s not a normal accident. Something very very wrong…The moment I was there 39 confirmed fatalities. But some were in burning cars and there were no fire brigades. I saw a car burn completely with guys inside. I think 2 more cars had people who couldn’t be saved coz of the intensity of the fire. It was bad.”