Ruto Accuses Jubilee of Planning to Rig 2017 Elections


Bomet Governor Isaac Ruto has cried foul over an alleged plan by the Jubilee Government to send him packing in the 2017 General Election.

Mr Ruto claimed that Jubilee leaders were plotting to rig the 2017 Elections in order to place one of their own as the leader of Bomet.

The Governor insisted that the countless Jubilee-led meetings in his political backyard were focussed on implementing the well-orchestrated ploy.

“Recent actions by Jubilee and utterances by leaders trooping to the county are a clear indication that a plot has been hatched to manipulate the vote for their selfish interests,” Ruto noted.

He added: “It is unacceptable for a group of people to try and take hostage our people for selfish interests. We will not allow them to steal the vote and force leadership into the people of Bomet”.

He urged voters to guard against the Government’s skim noting: “As voters in Bomet we should come out and guard jealously our decision through the ballot and Jubilee from forcing its way to power.”

He further accused Deputy President William Ruto of betraying his people stating: “We trusted the Deputy President but he has taken for granted the trust and has now turned the support to bargain for selfish interest”.