Terrifying moment gang of gun-wielding carjackers confront family and steal their Mercedes


A DAD’S two daughters scream and hold each other as their dad is beaten up by a gang of car thieves in this horrifying footage.

The family was robbed at gunpoint in their own driveway and have bravely released the footage of the terrifying crime to track the thugs.

Video of family being carjacked by gun gang in own driveway in South Africa


The CCTV footage in Constantia Kloof, a suburb of Johannesburg, South Africa, shows the family arriving home in their white Mercedes in broad daylight on November 19.

The automatic gate can be seen sliding closed after them when a red VW Golf stops outside. A man with a gun leaps out and blocks the gate, pointing his pistol at the terrified family.

Three accomplices join him and they rob the family, whose faces are blurred in the video as they wished to remain anonymous.

The gang assault the brave father as he tries to defend his family. His daughters, aged 12 and 17, scream and cling on to each other in the spine-chilling video.

The mother of the family said: “These men showed up after we attempted to drive into our home. They were very quick.

“They demanded the Mercedes-Benz, ordered me to give them my earrings and gold bangles before forcing us out of the car. Thereafter they started assaulting my husband and then took off.

“In just two minutes, they caused absolute havoc. My eldest daughter had to experience her second gun robbery incident within two years.”

The woman’s handbag containing cash and other valuable items was also stolen.

Flying Squad officers recovered the vehicle 40 minutes later in nearby Alexandra.

The car was recovered by cops soon after the family's horrific ordeal

The car was recovered by cops soon after the family’s horrific ordeal

Despite the clear CCTV images of the offenders, local police have made no headway in the case, the family said.

The mum added: “We gave the police clear footage of the entire incident but we haven’t heard from them ever since. We don’t know what’s happening with the case.”

Honeydew Police’s Captain Balan Muthan confirmed the incident had been reported and that officers were still investigating.

He said: “The suspects are still at large. We need to identify the suspects before issuing a warrant of arrests.”

The Honeydew Community Policing Forum warned locals to stay alert and be wary of suspicious vehicles following them.