Thanks, but no thanks: Inmate rejects Obama’s clemency offer


Since 2002, Jones, 50, has been serving time in a low-security federal prison in Beaumont, Texas, for dealing cocaine. He’s set to get out in April 2019, according to the Federal Bureau of Prisons’ website. But under President Obama’s clemency program for drug offenders, Jones could have gotten out in August 2018.

But Jones has said-“No. Thank you” to the clemency.

Why would a prisoner reject such a liberating offer, at least in the eyes of those in the outside world?

One of the conditions for his early release would require him to enroll in a residential drug treatment program. But inmate records show that Jones used crack cocaine every week in the year before he was arrested and previous drug treatment programs he’s tried just didn’t work, USA Today reported.

Taking into account good behavior, Jones could get out as soon as eight months later than the clemency would have taken effect. He hasn’t shared his reasoning, but USA Today reported that the Bureau of Prisons says its Residential Drug Abuse Program provides very intensive treatment

Maybe Mr. Jones does not want to enroll in a program that will not only grant him freedom; but also help him overcome addiction