Disabled Ugandan man in San Diego killed by police while having epileptic seizure


A black man was shot in an encounter with police in southern California Tuesday afternoon as his sister cried hysterically over the incident that has prompted angry community members to gather around the scene protesting.

El Cajon Police say they were called to a parking lot at the Broadway Village Shopping Center at 1pm after being told a 30-year-old man was acting ‘erratically,’ NBC San Diego reported.

Rob Ransweiler, El Cajon Police spokesman, said the man did not comply with officers demands and the encounter ended with an officer-involved shooting. It’s unclear if more than one officer opened fire.

The man was taken to Sharp Memorial Hospital and is listed in critical condition. The circumstances that led to the shooting are unknown at this time and police did not release his name.

However, a video shared to Facebook by Rumbie Mubaiwa shows a woman named Sarah, who claims to be the shooting victim’s sister, crying hysterically in the parking lot after witnessing her brother being shot.

Sarah, who said she called police three different times, can be heard in the video, saying: ‘I called you to help me but you killed my brother.

‘Why couldn’t you guys tase him? Why why why why?’

Police officers can be seen approaching the woman in the video to question her.

‘I called so many times to help him,’ she said before telling a female police officer that her brother’s name is Alfred Olango.

The video posted to Facebook by Mubaiwa did not capture the actual shooting.

El Cajon Police Chief Jeff Davis said during a press conference late Thursday evening that no weapon was found at the scene of the shooting by police.

He would not confirm reports that the man has died and said, ‘until we identify family that might be in the city, it is not our place to talk’ about his condition.

Davis said the man ‘drew an object from his front pants pocket, placed both hands together on it and extended it towards the officers.’

He said that the man ‘refused multiple instructions’ from officer and ‘concealed his hands in his pants pocket.’

Davis said the man was tased and shots were fired at the same time.