Trump Bombshell: ‘Hillary Was Born In Kenya. I Have Proof.’


By Marty Rudoy

“Hillary Clinton was born in Kenya,” writes Donald Trump in a furious twitter storm early today. “And I have the proof.”

Trump’s tweets tell the twisted tale that began with doubts about Hillary Clinton’s true gender and her name, and flowered into a disqualifying realization that “she” was born in Kenya under the masculine name “Hilmar Rodham.”

An ‘extremely credible source’ has called my office and told me that @HillaryClinton‘s birth certificate is a fraud. Sad.

Just as Trump did when he proved Barack Obama was born in Kenya, he relies on official records unearthed in Chicago and Kenya.

Why doesn’t “she” show her birth certificate? @HillaryClinton

I want to see “her” birth certificate. I’m beginning to think “she” was not born a female. @HillaryClinton

Trump offers a challenge to voters: “Are you going to believe me or are you going to believe your lying eyes?”

My investigators found a birth certificate for Hilmar Rodham (M) born October 26, 1947 Edgewater Hosp. Unbelievable.@HillaryClinton

Hillary Rodham Clinton, born Hilmar Rodham, cannot be the 1st woman president. She’s not even a woman. Lies abt everything.@HillaryClinton

Chicago Tribune 10,26,47 reports birth of H. Rodham, same parents No sexual gender or hospital birthplace listed. Curious.@HillaryClinton

“In light of these revelations, it is clear Hillary is not a legitimate candidate and will not be a legitimate President even after she wins in a landslide, said Trump’s new campaign chairman Steve Bannon.

Amazing Hilmar Rodham attended madras in Kenya. 1953-55. Boys school only. 1956-64 records destroyed in mystery 1992 fire. @HillaryClinton

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My investigators located Hilmar ‘Hillary’ Certificate of Birth from Kenya. Stop the lies.So So Sad. @HillaryClinton

Hilmar Rodham born at same hospital in Kenya as Barack Hussein Obama. Scam repeats 14 years apart. @HillaryClinton

“What do these Kenyans want?” asks Trump.

1947 Chicago Tribune story abt “Edgewater Hospital” was an obviously planted story. They’ve been planning this decades.@HillaryClinton

Trump claims this establishes “beyond a shadow of a doubt” that, as he puts it, “Hillary Clinton does not exist, but Hilmar Clinton does… and he is a Muslim born in Kenya.”

“I don’t know what scam those people in Chicago and Kenya are running,” says Trump, “But whatever it is, I want a part of it.”

PS: Marty Rudoy is a HuffPo blogger, political satirist at American News X

Source: Huffingtonpost