Internet goes wild as video emerges of Malia Obama smoking what appears to be weed.


She was this close — this close — to getting out of the White House unscathed.

Then Malia Obama went to Lollapalooza in Chicago last week.

First, videos emerged showing the 18-year-old first daughter twerking at the concert, and some people freaked out, heads exploding that she acted like an 18-year-old.

Now, in a cell phone video obtained by celebrity gossip website Radar Online and posted Tuesday, Malia is seen smoking something at the same concert. The website claims it was pot. (Radar Online is the same website that posted videos of Malia twerking.)

But this “bombshell” is a bust, according to the court of public opinion.

“First daughters: they’re just like us,” wrote New York-based Complex magazine after the video emerged.

On social media, reaction to the video is a loud “Who cares?”

Comedian Chris Rock twitted: “Malia Obama was caught smoking weed. If she’s not careful she might end up winning 21 Olympic gold medals or becoming president of the USA”

Was Malia betrayed by a friend who shot the video and made a killing selling it to gossip columns? It seems this is the case. Mark Dice threw a thinly veiled shade at the snitch tweeting: “As George Orwell warned, the people have become little spies and snitches. Malia Obama hit a joint at a concert. Big freaking deal.”