Sasha Obama’s job at a restaurant


There are some people look down upon employees who work in restaurants for such critics consider that kind of  job ‘menial.” There are Kenyans who troll their fellow citizens in Diaspora for migrating to another country only to be employed in a hotel or a restaurant to flip burgers or take orders from customers. But one cannot expect a daughter of the most powerful president in the world to work in a restaurant as a cashier earning the minimum hourly pay.

Sasha Obama is working for the summer at a restaurant on Martha’s Vineyard. She is earning her pay at the Nancy’s, a seafood restaurant,  for checking out customers at the register and bussing tables. Of course, the 15-year-old employee comes with her own entourage. She reportedly was accompanied by 6 Secret Service agents, who gave her room to work, sitting outside the popular tourist eatery while she put in her time — about 4 hours a day.

Sasha Obama has options. She did not need to work such a job because daddy has money. In addition, Sasha could have soaked in the glory of her father whose approval rating keeps getting better, currently at 54% and making him stand in the league of Ronald Reagan and Bill Clinton in terms of favorability at this time of their second term. But she chose to keep herself busy.

The pay, by the way, reportedly about $12 to $15 per hour, typically. Plus tips.