Woman Shares Photo Of Enterprise Rent-A-Car Employee Helping Out With Her 11 Month Old Twins Sons


Coty Vincent’s photo shared to Facebook reportedly shows John Goodlett, an employee in Tulsa, Okla., who held one of her sons as she did not have a double stroller while she completed her paperwork.

A mother of 11-month-old twins had to visit her local Enterprise Rent-A-Car store after a hit-and-run accident prompted the need for a temporary car.

Coty Vincent of Tusla, Oklahoma, had to carry both of her babies since she didn’t have a double stroller. John Goodlet, the Enterprise employee handling her rental car, offered to hold one of her sons while they worked through her paperwork.


Coty was so appreciative of his kindness that she took to Facebook to share the story:

“This is John and he works at Enterprise. He’s also a twin and his twin sister is his best friend. While he helped me with my rental due to a hit and run accident, he held one of my twin sons as I don’t have a double stroller. One of the most compassionate and caring people I’ve ever met. We need more people like John who go that extra step. Be a John.”

After the post went viral, Enterprise saw the touching story and the branch manager, Marlyn Jones, personally called Coty.

“He said this kind selfless act has gone to the Corporate level and magic is in the making! Lets hope John gets the recognition he deserves!”

But the story doesn’t end there.

The next day, Coty received a call from corporate headquarters letting her know that Enterprise is sending her a brand new double stroller and that they have a surprise for John, too.

“It’s such a small act that’s touched so many people’s lives. What John did for me, and I’m sure what he’s done for many others, has just made a better day, she said. “I think this world would be a much better place with small acts of kindness that go so far.”

As for John’s surprise from Enterprise?

“I know many of us are wondering what John’s surprise is!” Coty wrote today on Facebook. “Keep following Enterprise as I’m sure they will announce it, not even I know what it is yet!