Kenyan-born woman running for congress in Virginia picks a key endorsement.


Kenyan-born Jackee K. Gonzalez, a resident of  Chesterfield County, Virginia and a mother of two, will be contesting in the  June 14 primary with a view to representing the Republican party in the Nov. 8 general election.


Her camp has everything to be confident as she recently picked the endorsement of a US Navy veteran and Editor in Chief of the Bearing Drift, J.R. Hoeft

The endorsement by Hoeft reads:

“An activist judiciary enlisted a Berkeley professor to redraw Virginia’s congressional lines and thought they could completely annihilate precedent and separation of powers.

That stinks. 

But conservatives still have a chance to fight back with a conservative champion in Jackee Gonzalez.

Jackee is a veteran of Randy Forbes campaign and fights for life and liberty with the Family Foundation.

She also is the embodiment of the American dream.

Jackee became an American citizen the right way – she earned it through hard work and sacrifice.

Jackee is a conservative, grounded leader who believes in limited government, the free market, educational choice, and personal responsibility.

Here’s the deal: we need new voices in the new fourth – people who can carry the conservative message with energy, vigor and enthusiasm to all voters of the district; Jackee can make the conservative case with crystal clear clarity and will give the Democrats a run for their money. 

Judicial activism might think they’re handing the district to the Democrats, but with Jackee, Republicans have the chance to win. She’s a worthy successor to Randy Forbes in the 4th District.”