Be Sincere about Daadab Camp; Angelina Jolie Challenges Kenya Government


Actress Angelina Jolie-the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees ambassador has said that the Kenya government’s move to close down the Daadab refugee camp was not done in good taste and challenged the government to produce evidence that insecurity in Kenya is directly related to the existence of the camp.

Jolie argued that Kenya is playing to the gallery of the masses- tapping into unfounded  fear and suspicion from Kenyans without the necessary evidence that backs up the idea that the camp is a breeding ground for terrorists.

“I am concerned for Daabab and if that camp closes….they (government of Kenya) said they closed the camp because of terrorism. but there is no proof that this is coming from this camp. So it is this fear, using fear and spreading fear, making people less tolerant and less open to their brothers and sisters from Somalia. These are families. Majority are women and children who have been suffering a great deal for a long time. The reality is that they don’t have a stable place to go back,” added Jolie who was being interviewed by BBC Focus on Africa hosted by Sophie Ikenye.

At the same time, Jolie has called on countries responsible for the  downfall and disintegration of Libya to take responsibility over growing insecurity in the country noting that there should have been no forced regime change in the first place.

“Countries that have had a hand in a conflict at one stage or another should keep their eye on the ball and do what they can…..sometimes there is the argument that you want less involvement,” said Jolie.

The above sentiment may not present good news for Democratic Party presidential candidate Hillary Clinton who has long insisted that the mission, carried out during her tenure as secretary of state was a huge success in terms of bringing democracy to the country.

Jolie decried that Libya has now deteriorated into a breeding cell for terrorists and called for “accountability of these crimes.” It was not clear what crime she was referring to, granted that on the one hand,  there is the crime being committed by Libyans on fellow Libyan people while on the other hand, there is the crime that was perpetrated by Americana on Libya.