‘What Donald Trump Said about Kenya’s Decision to Close Refugee Camps’


How many are in this hall? 10,000, maybe 15,000 supporters?. I am told this is the biggest audience this hall has hosted. Crooked Hillary was here two weeks ago and she only addressed 800 maybe 600 supporters. Let me tell you one thing, we will make America great again.

One poll came out today and we are only 5 points behind crooked Hillary. We are winning Ohio. I love Ohio. Great state. The governor Kasich just dropped out of the race. We are winning big and I am yet to take her on the way I want to. We shall do very well in November. Millions and millions of Americans are voting for the first time and they want Trump to be president.

We shall build the wall at the border and Mexico will pay for it. I love Mexicans. I love Hispanics. But they must come to America legally. And that’s what I have been saying and lyin Ted and little Marco thought I was joking.

We shall defeat ISIS. And by the way, Kenya, you know Kenya, yes. The country where Obama was born. They have closed all refugees camps. And Trump has been saying the same thing. Kenya has smart leaders. They have copied my strategy because it’s good. The President of Kenya is smart.He is also rich, but not like Trump. The only thing he beats me at is that he has milk. But he does not have Trump steak. I have the tallest building in Las Vegas. It’s true. He was educated in one of the best schools in America. I don’t know if he was here legally. I think he was. He is also very nice to me. Some people are very nice to me. The president of Kenya is a very smart fellow. He also has a great wife. She runs marathons but I don’t think she can beat Ivanka. Where is Ivanka? Maybe she is out there running.

So what Kenya has done is tell over 600,000 refugees to go find another place. All they were doing is bombing Kenya. What do you think? Is Trump not smart. No one in this race is smarter than me. And we will make America great again.

PS: this did not take place. It’s my imagination of what and how Trump would say, were he to say such things…???blame it on being stuck in traffic