Top 10 Military Generals of all time

  1. Alexander the Great

In only twelve years, he conquered enough land against unthinkable odds for a line of kings. His tactics single handily removed the chariot from warfare by defeating this devastating weapon with ease. Plus, he was relatively young at the time.

  1. Hannibal Barca

Crushed armies of what many consider the strongest empire ever with ease. The Romans could not even confront his armies and had to wait for Hannibal to be worn down. He was later killed by Scipio.

  1. Julius Caesar

Hands down one of the greatest generals of all time

  1. Sun Tzu

Wrote the most well-known book on strategy ever created and utilized the tactics as general to win battles that seemed impossible

  1. George S. Patton

Easily defeated Rommel, one of the most well-known generals of world war two and traveled the greatest distance, through the most engagements in the least amount of time in history… In the snow.

  1. Genghis Khan

He united a collection of tribes and went on to conquer the largest amount of land until the British empire hundreds of years later.

  1. Georgy Zhukov

Was undefeated against the mighty armies of Nazi Germany even though he was severely outmatched in every way.

  1. Saladin

Fought of the countless invasions of Christian armies while showing how great a person he was.

  1. Napolean Bonaparte

Some consider Napoleon Bonaparte to be in the top five of greatest generals of all time and if he had not killed 400,000 of his own men with the failed invasion of Moscow, he should be.

  1. Attila the Hun

He brought the greatest empire the world has ever seen to its knees. Enough said.