Blogger uses her social media fame to raise Ksh 15 million in 24 hrs for a Kenyan charity


Constance Hall is a popular blogger writes about motherhood, body image and feminism.

WITH all the awful things happening in the world right now, it’s so nice to hear a positive story about kindness and generosity.
Two Australian women have come together to raise money for disadvantaged girls on the other side of the world.

Perth woman Constance Hall is a popular Australian blogger with 547,000 Facebook followers. She went viral in January with her impassioned post saluting all the “failing mothers” out there who admit to not coping with the pressures of motherhood.

Sarah Rosborg, from NSW, runs a charity in Kenya called Rafiki Mwema, which houses young girls who have been abused.

In just 24 hours, Ms Hall has used her massive social media following to help raise almost $150,000 for Ms Rosburg’s charity.

Constance Hall with one of her children.

Constance Hall with one of her children.Source:Facebook

Ms Hall has a massive social media following.

“One of my sponsors follows Constance on Facebook and messaged her yesterday [Tuesday] saying ‘You have to check out these beautiful girls in Kenya that I support’,” Ms Rosburg told

“Constance saw her message and replied straight away saying ‘I want to help. I want to use my following for good’. So she posted about it on Facebook, directing people to our website.

“All her followers crashed our website so I set up the GoFundMe page at 10am [on Tuesday] and by 5pm we’d hit our goal of $75,000.”

By Wednesday morning, the page had almost hit $150,000 in donations.

Rafiki Mwema is run by volunteers and is not-for-profit. “We don’t pull any money from this at all,” said Ms Rosborg, who also runs her own web development business.

The money will be used to build a house to accommodate eight teenage girls currently living on a rental property several kilometres away from the charity’s main base.

Sarah Rosborg. Picture: Sarah Rosborg

Sarah Rosborg. Picture: Sarah RosborgSource:Facebook

Some of the girls the charity supports. Picture: Sarah Rosborg.

Some of the girls the charity supports. Picture: Sarah Rosborg.Source:Facebook

“The rental doesn’t have a big yard and they’re not allowed to go outside or go down the street, because of security reasons. We have guards and guard dogs protecting our homes. They’re not safe outside because the men will abuse them again,” Ms Rosborg said.

“We will build another house on our property to house these girls. We have 14 acres so they can run around. We have cows and pig and they can roam safely because we have security guards and dogs there 24/7.”

Most of the girls supported by Rafiki Mwema have been abused by someone they know — usually a family member or neighbour.

“We’ve sent many men to jail for life. We’re actually trying to prosecute one of them now. That’s why the girls can’t leave. Because these men would rather kill the girls than go to jail,” she said.

One of the girls supported by Rafiki Mwema

One of the girls supported by Rafiki MwemaSource:Facebook

Two Kenyan girls at the property run by Rafiki Mwema.

Two Kenyan girls at the property run by Rafiki Mwema.Source:Facebook

Ms Hall, who blogs at The Not So Secret Life Of Us, says she is “blown away” by the generosity of her followers, who she refers to as ‘Queens’.

“I’ve always known that Queens are capable of great things, but even I am literally in shock and awe of their united power,” she told

“Sarah works tirelessly every day for, she is a complete ‘Warrior Legendary Boss B****’ and she doesn’t even know it.

“She is off to Kenya on Sunday and along with an abundance of love, she now has some good news to share as well. I am obviously girl crushing on her,” Ms Hall said.

To donate, visit Rafiki Mwema’s GoFundMe page or the charity’s website.


  1. This is fantastic Ms. Sarah,what a great initiative you got there..,Ms Hall your support was unimaginable in just 24hrs and such a significant influence to bring a major change in the lives of our little girls.Its more than encouraging to see this happen.God bless you so much for dedicating your time and resources,more so passion and love for the girl child.