My Top 10 Diaspora Highlights in 2015.

  1. Justice Most Painful:

When she relocated to the US in 1996, Ms Gilphine Muchinyi thought it was for the good of her family. However, things took a turn for the worse when her husband remarried a few years later, and when he died she was thrust into a battle she would never wish on her worst enemy. Alone and her energies spent, she ran to the courts for justice in 2011. Numerous trips to Nairobi later, no one has cared to listen to her since then. This animal called justice, it seems, is an alien species in Kenya…

This is a story about a woman crying tears of injustice. Her hope is that by the time you are done reading about her predicament,  you will commiserate with her, or maybe, laugh with her.

This is her story HERE

  1. The Longombas

With a buzzing career and all the fame Kenya could offer, Lovy and his brother Christian chose to give it all up and start a new life in the United States, leaving behind a string of back-to-back chart toppers not to mention the legion of heartbroken (female) fans.

For Lovy Longomba, life abroad has been kind to his dreams. This year he made headlines for being part of the team that worked on the hit single ‘Change My Life’ by rapper Iggy Azalea, which also features hip hop icon T.I. He is also working on projects with other famed musicians notably Gwen Stefani

I talked to Lovy about his Grammy Nomination. Read full story HERE

While Lovy has been working on producing Hit Singles, his brother Christian’s health took a tumble on May 18th 2015, when he suffered a seizure. The paramedics took him to the hospital. After undergoing many tests over the course of several days, he received a very serious and life threatening diagnosis – Falx and parasagittal meningiomas: it grows from the dural fold, called the falx, which runs between the left and right sides of the brain. A surgey had to be peformed and after the recovery, I talked to Christian.

This is Christian’s STORY

  1. Obama’s Kenya visit.

 Obama’s visit to Kenya had a feeling of a dèja vu written all over it, like a band regrouping for one more song. He was visiting the country where it all begun. This is a glowing yet muted tribute to the effort of two unsung heroes in his personal journey — Tom Mboya and the Kennedy family.

This is how I summed Obama’s visit, writing for the Daily Nation. Read it HERE

  1. Murder Most Foul

A demented African American man stabbed to death her Kenyan girlfriend Maureen Wanjiku and their six-month-old son Kyan.

This was my tribute for the two, HERE

  1. From Growing Vegetables to Working For Google

When the national examination results announced, Catherine scored a ‘B-‘of 66 points, 1 point away from a ‘B’ grade.  It was not enough to have her admitted to the University via the Joint Admissions Board (JAB).

Being that her brother had sat for his KCSE examination the previous year and her sister had just joined high school, resources were limited, meaning she had to mark-time and find something else to do. No college. No job. What did she do?

Catherine started growing cabbages. What would happen next will leave you inspired. Read full story HERE

  1. The $2.7 Million Fraud

Lyneth Nyabiosi, a former Sheppard Pratt Health System director, and her husband, Willie Evans III, pleaded guilty to conspiring to commit mail fraud arising from a scheme to bilk Sheppard Pratt out of millions for work performed by a company that the defendants secretly controlled.

From 2007 to 2014, the couple submitted over 180 false invoices requesting that Sheppard Pratt pay IMST for work which was never performed, or for excessively inflated amounts for the work that was actually performed. Read Full Story HERE

  1. Back to Motherland

For Miring’u Kamwati, the journey to United States of America began a few years back, when he enrolled at the Boston Berklee College of Music to pursue his passion for music. For two years, he was able to go to school without any interruption. This was until I ran out of funds. What would he do next? Find out HERE

  1. Love at Brussels Airport

Tired and broken hearted, on her layover in Brussels on the way home, Anne Nankinyi came across the sweetest Brussels Airlines ground personnel. This happenstance happened while she was looking for any possible way she could her phone battery charged. Philippe, the grounds man, offered to charge it for her.

What would happen next? Find out HERE

  1. Sauti Sol Seattle Debacle

Early in the year, Sauti Sol promised fans in Seattle a performance of their lifetime. Around that time there was heightened security in most airports because of terror threats and this caught up with the group. Consequenly, as they checked in at the airport, three members were selected for further screening. In the end, Sauti Sol did not make it to the performance. But, what do they feel about it? I talked to the group. Read Full Interview HERE

  1. President Uhuru Kenyatta Los Angeles and New York No Show

President Uhuru Kenyatta was set to attend the annual Milken Global conference in Los Angeles, California. His itinerary involved addressing Kenyans living in the West Coast of America, in a meeting hosted by the Kenyan Consulate in LA. The president eventually attended neither of the two meetings, as his plane was forced to return back home, ostensibly due to security risks flying over Yemen airspace.

The LA meeting went ahead, and the expectation was that Amina Mohamed, the Foreign Affairs Cabinet Secretary would address Kenyans on behalf of the president. She too, was recalled back home. At the meeting, Kenyans ended up washing dirty linen in public, with majority of those in attendance castigating the Ambassador Njeru Githae for calling members of only one tribe to speak.

Later in the year, the president visited New York to attend the General Assembly. Plans had finalized by the Kenya mission in New York for the president to address Kenyans. This was at the height of the teachers strike and in the eleventh hour, the meeting was cancelled.

PS: Are you a Kenyan living in Diaspora? What is your story? Write to me