The Audacity of Passion.


By Silver Furaha

The other day as I was surfing these virtual streets , I came across this clip on YouTube called the Year of 4 , I think. Beyonce was on it so I thought the usual Illuminati experts had come up with a new theory as to why the number 4 and/or Beyonce are Illuminati. Surprisingly (and disappointingly) , it had nothing to do with Illuminati. It is a documentary showing Beyonce making videos for some of her songs. She talks about how she was burnt out and didn’t even know she was losing herself up until her mother forced her to take a vacation. That’s when she rediscovered her love (and passion) for music. One of the songs is  “Who runs the World” , and she really wanted to get some upbeat , unique moves to represent her  rediscovered passion. Very many professionals were consulted, some who had worked with her and other big names in the industry. Still, it wasn’t enough. They all lacked something….indescribable.

Enter Mozambique. Some three young hustlers in Mozambique were minding their own business, doing what they do best  when they received a call. From the U.S. of A.  And who was calling ? Beyonce. The Beyonce. Apparently she had seen a video they had uploaded on YouTube a year or two prior, and they had awed her. She just couldn’t remember what they were called. So she made everyone in her team, even her family, watch all YouTube videos from dancers in Africa.  It was taking months to track them down , but she refused to shoot the video without them.

See, this is what happens when  ‘ passions’ collide.  Your passion leads you into your destiny, and in the process fulfills someone else ‘s destiny. The young men were immediately flown to Us, all expenses paid plus other perks of course.I can’t really explain the entire video here but  when you see it you realise how explosive passion really is.  Beyonce is so excited when she finally meets them. She says she first saw them a year or two ago and  was mesmerised by how their bodies moved so effortlessly…by how the music flowed in their soul. …and since then she couldn’t stop comparing them to other dancers and moves. She just had to have them.

The funny thing about passion is the audacity it gives you.  It gives you a confidence you wouldn’t ordinarily have.  Picture this : a young Mozambique man flown to the U.S and when he finally meets his sponsor he has the nerve to ask her   (in a language that is barely English) , “ Who are you?”. Imagine that. Asking Beyonce who she is.  Yet she answers so humbly, “ I’m Beyonce”. And he asks again,  “Who?”. Like Beyonce needs to introduce herself twice. Or even once.  Even Kazakhstan knows who Beyonce is- what’s up Mozambique!!??.  And Beyonce answers  ,  “  Hi, I’m Beyonce.”  Like she is a regular person. It is such an insane conversation to watch, you expect them to say  ‘punked’ anytime.

Passion just IS. It doesn’t have to have a reason.  When the young men are asked how they do what they do, or what they call their dance, they don’t have a specific answer. They call their dance  ‘tofu tofu’ or something like that, because that is the sound their bodies make when they feel the music. And when they feel the music, they just dance. Anywhere, anytime.   I imagine passion is a very liberating experience. I have never experienced any of that, but I sure want to.

Don’t get me wrong. Passion is not limited to dancing only. It could be in form of anything that you love to do but regular life –job, school, business, relationship, etc- gets in the way.  Or maybe you’re too scared to take the plunge, because you see passion entails leaving the known and going into the unsure unknown.  Maybe your passion is writing but you’re scared of the critics, or the dreaded writer’s block or you’re too lazy and indisciplined to actually write.  Or you aspire to be a chef but you’re afraid hours in a confined area with unlimited access to food will make your  waistline a rumour in the distant past.  Do you see how ridiculous all these reasons sound? Stop.

We only have this life to live – as far as we know. We can not continue to play safe by just existing. We need to really live.  Our job is to explore and discover what it is that makes us want to live, harness that passion and live it because ultimately, our passion leads to our destiny. And should your passion lead you to Justin Bieber do the universe a favour : give him a proper smack on the head and ask him –Who’s your mother?


  1. Nice piece…i watched the mozambique guys n wondered wakikuwa hired hawakuuliza we r going for who/what??na the guy who went for them dint make them watch beyonce videos during the whole flight or sumthing.i would have…wandeland hio america wakiimba single ladies