Conjestina Achieng had Kenya’s back; who has her back?


Conjestina Achieng, remains Kenya’s most popular female boxer. In her hey days, she made her opponents punch-drunk-easily dismantling them with so much ease. Kenyans looked forward to a bout between Conjestina and Laila Ali, daughter of the legendary Mohamed Ali; this never materialized

Conjestina Achieng

Unfortunately, for Conjestina, her downfall has been as fast as her rise. The once revered boxer no longer attracts fans keen to watch her box; today, she attract stares from Kenyans who can only ponder what happened to their idol.

Conjestina was the first African woman boxer to hold an international title when she beat Ugandan Fiona Tugume to take the vacant WIBF middleweight title. After seven amateur bouts, “Conje” made her pro debut in 2002 which earned her several product endorsements.


But along the way, something happened to Conjestina. In January 2011, her father sent an appeal to Kenyans to help him take her to hospital after noticing an erratic behavior from her.  She was admitted at the Mathari mental hospital in Nairobi and later released. But she never recovered.

Conjestina Achieng needs all help she can get. Lets try to do it with a long term solution in mind as opposed to a temporary fix. She needs  hand holding and followup even after the cameras have stopped rolling. She represented Kenya without any reservation. Now she needs us-Kenyans to pool together for her. These photos, courtesy of Gibendi Ramenya show Conjestina’s current state. Kenyans of goodwill, where are thou? . Lets have her back.

12191595_1195422767151517_5671803848075835807_nConjestina Achieng