How to tell when you will you fall in love and get married?


Do you wonder about your love life and marriage? Do you know that your palm holds all the information needed to sort out the right answer? Here is a small informational tutorial in which you can read your own palm for love and relationship queries.

The article here will tell how to read the marriage line in a palm. You can also check your life line and fortune line as well. Select your hand as shown in the image and read it to find more information about it. Here is a small way to know all about your love and marriage life.

1. How to locate the marriage line on your palm?

The palm has numerous noticeable lines that tell a lot about us and the type of life that we are living. One such important line is the marriage line. One can find and locate it just underneath the little finger.

The marriage line is a very important line and it is a perpendicular line. It can be only one or many in number. The multiple numbers of marriage lines can indicate that the person will probably have many short-term relationships.

For men you must read the right palm and for women the left palm is supposed to be taken into attention. Now join your hands and take a look at the alignment of the marriage lines on both the hands.

How to locate the marriage line on your palm?

2. If the lines are at same height

Now if the lines on both of your hands are meeting exactly in the middle and similar in the location adjacent to each other, then it shows that you will be marrying someone who is accepted by everyone and liked by the majority of your relatives and friends.

It also tells that you are a gentle person, who is analytical in his/her thought process and has abundance of common sense. You keep yourself well prepared and ready for everything and severely hate anything that happens all of a sudden.

If the lines are at same height

3.If the lines on right hand are higher

Now when the line of the right hand is in higher location when compared to the line on the left hand, it means that you will marry someone who is older to you.

This also says that you are purely focused on the task in front of you and you usually don’t care about what other think of you or speak about you. You are only concerned with whatever you are doing.

If the lines on right hand are higher

4.If the lines on the left hand are higher

If the line on the left hand is higher in position than the line present on the right hand when they are compared to each other, it means that you are going to marry someone who is still studying and is a student or to some one of different nationality than yours, a foreigner.

This positioning of the line also tells about your behavior. It tells that you are aggressive in nature and don’t want to wait for things to come to you and would rather make opportunities happen instead of looking for them. You also prefer challenges that test you so that you can complete them and make yourself a better person.

This line position also indicates that you prefer a partner that is confident, passionate and who is fiery in the way they love you and respond to your love.

If the lines on the left hand are higher