Education was no Longer my Drug….But What was….?


My name is Joan. A few years ago, I moved to London to pursue further education. As such, one can safely conclude I became part of Diaspora, or a statistic in brain drain. But that is not very important at this point in time. You see, I was craving for more education than I had achieved. I had received a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from Jomo Kenyatta University of Agriculture and Technology. I imagined that pursuing a Master’s degree in Computer Science would crown what I considered a ‘perfect’ life.  However, this would not be the case as weeks and months went by.

After finishing graduating with a Master’s degree in London, I got a very good job. I did not need to go back to the motherland because all I could ever hope for in terms of a job, my new domicile provided it. I also had the infrastructure and platform for doing research in my field.  Still, this did not quench my thirst. A part of me felt there was something more to life than I had achieved or experienced thus far. Needless to mention, I had wonderful parents, a kind, caring, and loving fiancé, great brothers-all one could wish for. But this was not enough. I kept looking for the missing link but could not find it. I wanted more, I needed more. My conclusion to that point was that education was no longer my drug.

Being in a foreign country and experiencing this kind of intra-personal conflict was the least thing that I need. But such moments also allows us to dig deep into our being and find answers that would otherwise have been impossible to find in a different environment.  As time went by, i realized that when I read the bible or listened to the word of God, I was getting more fulfilled, relaxed and contented! I then realized that God was speaking to me in a unique way and He wanted more of me. And I decided to give my life to Him.

So with all my heart, soul and mind I gave my life to the process I started giving up those things that I wanted but did not need. In my heart I felt pain because I had placed so much value on people around me, especially my fiancé. This sounds bizarre but I felt I needed a new beginning and this meant leaving behind so much that I had. But how could God possibly ask me to leave a 9 year old relationship? Logically it did not make sense yet a part of me was eager to know this God

My journey to London has allowed me to my meet my first love-Jesus Christ. He is now the core of my being. It is him I live and long for. Education is good and having material prosperity. But finding God has shown me the best experience ever!